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The Old Inn - Tabletop Board Game Mat 4X4' (Pedido)

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Get ready to level up your board game sessions with Pwork Wargames play mat The Old Inn. Each mat has a neoprene face for super grip, and a fabric one for the highest versatility and fun. Use this mat for trading card games, tabletop games, role-play games, miniature wargames or whatever you wish. The gaming mats ensure that there is less to clean up after the sessions, so they are also perfect for family or children’s play evenings! The waterproofing of each side also ensures that any stains or liquids can be easily cleaned. The 4x4’ size (122x122 cm) ensures that the mat is large enough to accommodate many players without difficulty. If you can play it on a table, with Pwork play mat The Old Inn the gaming experience will be complete!

Why you are going to love it

  • ANYWHERE: the special material used to manufacture the playing mat adapts to any table and fits it like a tablecloth.
  • SUPER GRIP: This rubber mat provides a grip on any solid surface.
  • WATERPROOF: You don’t have to worry about drinks and chips ruining your session because each mat is waterproof to ensure quick cleaning and zero absorption.
  • ANTI-CREASE: the material of the play mat by Pwork Wargames is anti-fold.
  • DAMPED: Roll the dices, collect tokens and cards, the cushioned surface of the mat will make everything less noisy, more comfortable and fun.
  • DESIGN: The Old Inn is a playmat of great personality that evokes fantasy settings or ancient places, thanks to its warm wood color. Experience the excitement of role playing on this fantastic tabletop neoprene gamemat.
  • WHERE AND WHEN YOU WANT: Take the playmat with you and play wherever you want. As it is cushioned, the dice bounce silently, and you can play in the middle of the night without bothering anyone!

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