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Feldherr foam tray for Blackstone Fortress: Escalation - miniatures (Pedido)

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The Blackstone Fortress expansion "Escalation" brings with Daedalosus, Aradia Madellan, Gotfred de Montbard, Neyam Shai Murad, and their Retinue support for your Explorer troop to venture deeper into the Chaos corrupted region of the fortress. And of course they also face new enemies in the form of Firebrand and seven Chaos Cultists.

The new models get the right protection with this Feldherr Half-Size foam tray.

Explorer, hostile or retinue - each model is treated equally well on this insert. The 13 filigree miniatures are safely surrounded by high-quality foam in miniature-precise cut compartments. Thanks to the exact cut not only the sensitive parts, such as the Hellfire torch or the feathers headdress of the Rogue Trader, are optimally protected against damage. The colors of the painted figures are also protected from scratches and abrasion.

The large compartment in the middle can be used to store medium-sized cards (e.g. Encounter cards) and small cards (e.g. Initiative, Resource cards). You can also store other accessories, such as tokens and dice, here.

  • The Half-Size foam tray has the dimensions: 275 mm x 172 mm x 45 mm total height (35 mm usable height + 10 mm foam base)
  • high-quality, fine pored foam
  • CFC-free
  • chlorine and acid-free
  • Made in Germany
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